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Zoyes Form Studio

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Intentional, thoughtful choices drive our design.

Design drives our firm.

The Architecture of Design

At the foundation of our culture is a genuine respect and appreciation for architecture. We believe tenets such as function, aesthetic, innovation and critical thinking, central to the impact of architecture, equally serve the outcomes of design. It serves not only as the impetus for our firm’s formation, but as the central guide to our design and work culture.


We use many techniques to bolster the quality and efficacy of our design. But over the years a specific set has risen above the rest, making a notable difference in our day to day. Never the end goal, they are the daily challenge:

Stay Curious

Staying curious incorporates each of our principles—it nurtures the imagination and expands the intellect. Discovering the “new” generates enthusiasm for each new challenge we take on.

Feed Imagination

Imagination requires fuel, so we feed ours with a steady diet of inspiring input — everything from creative and cultural team outings, to lively dialogue and explorations in the studio. That and a ton of caffeine.

Foster Intellect

Like imagination, intellect needs constant input. To support a culture of learning we strive to fill our days with opportunities to expand our knowledge – through iteration, innovation, and disruption.

Patience + Perspective

They come in many forms, but they are almost always self-reinforcing. Maintaining patience expands our perspective and having perspective makes staying patient easier. Used together they create a truly positive place to work.

Detroit Design Engagement

Internationally recognized by UNESCO in 2015 as the first American, “City of Design”, Detroit is a nexus of creative and artistic expression.

Through our collaborations and partnerships, Zoyes Creative has established itself as an engaged and spirited advocate for Detroit’s continued creative growth and evolution. Our leadership and efforts in the name of forward-thinking, innovative design is well-established.

Zoyes | Detroit Design Network | Design Core Detroit

Zoyes Creative has been appointed to the Detroit Design Network, a collaborative membership network of interdisciplinary designers and agencies founded in 2015 to fulfill the creative needs of Michigan’s business community.

Zoyes | AIA Detroit

Aimee Zoyes, president of Zoyes Creative, is a career-long member of AIA Detroit and served as a board member for 3 years. The firm has continued to support AIA initiatives including sponsorship of its annual Celebration of Architecture event.

Zoyes | Detroit Design 139

Zoyes Creative has joined the advisory board of Detroit Design 139, charged with overseeing its biennial design exhibition. The event showcases relevant Detroit projects that respond to organization’s ten guiding principles crafted to benefit all Detroiters.

Zoyes | PechaKucha

PechaKucha offers its original 20 frames x 20 seconds format to presenters with inspiration to share. Dean Zoyes has served on the board of PechaKucha Detroit for the past 11 years, helping to bring this quarterly event to life in different creative venues around the city.

Zoyes provides high design with an intellectual approach and they never fail to deliver.

Melissa Dittmer Chief Design Officer, Bedrock
Zoyes | Brand + Form

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