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The Way We
See Design

Brand + Form are the instruments of our creative approach. Through them we tell stories that connect, activate designs that energize, and deliver solutions that make an impact.

Zoyes | Brand + Form

Every Angle, Solitary Focus

Both sides of the equation receive the same thoughtful and intensive effort. This concerted approach requires serious consideration of each facet of a project, every time.

The Tools of
Our Trade

What we do + how we do it

Zoyes | Brand + Form

Brand + Form

It comes down to feeling and perception—how a customer experiences your brand can drive its success. To build that experience, we begin with a collaborative discovery of your objectives, touchpoints, and challenges. From there we build a brand strategy that will thoughtfully inform everything from naming and messaging, to design and deliverables.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Print Design
  • Web Design +
  • Environmental
Zoyes | Brand + Form

Brand + Form

Often the most impressive experiences exist in three dimensions. Structure and dimension offer a compelling opportunity to shape the perception for any brand. Whether we are forming cities in miniature, rendering stunning visuals and virtual reality, or branding sales centers and wayfinding to guide your customers, Form is a key to brand success.

  • Architectural Models
  • Digital Renderings
  • AR + VR Experiences
  • Animations + Imaging
  • 3D Printing +
    Laser Cutting

We challenged Zoyes with the impossible: four world-class models in a ‘need-right-now’ timeframe. The results speak for themselves: these models captured the public imagination in a way that exceeded all expectations.

Jess Greene Street-Works Development

AIA Detroit is lucky to have Zoyes as a part of our team; we are humbled by their dedication to our vision, and grateful for their ability to bring clarity to our organization.

Lauren Myrand AIA Detroit

Zoyes is an incredibly creative team and they collaborated seamlessly with our vision. I love the passion and joy they have for their craft.

Steve Kornmeier Centre Court Grosse Pointe


We won’t know your brand until we get to know you, so we make our process highly collaborative. Discovering your needs guides us to challenges and opportunities both seen and unseen, and learning the landscape makes for solutions that endure.

That’s where a deep bench of creative players and solutions experts come in. Our team has the experience and design acumen to accomplish more than the average roster, yielding the best possible outcomes for each project.

Zoyes | Brand + Form

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