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Visualizing Hope for Humanity

Brand + Form

Zoyes | Zaman International

Zaman is a humanitarian aid organization that has helped thousands of women and children alleviate the cycle of poverty by providing basic needs and the foundation for a better life. Zaman empowers households, promoting self-reliance through training and vocational programs.

This design of the logo aims to reflect Zaman’s global reach, longevity, and endless heart. It is bold and iconic, welcoming and inclusive. The range of colors reflects the growing number of Zaman’s programs and celebrates the diverse backgrounds of the organization’s clients and staff.

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  • Print Design

A Mark to Fit a Mission

The symbolism within the mark is universal without being literal, supporting brand longevity and utility. It welcomes the viewer to connect with it and project into its meaning. Some see a sunrise, a warm embrace, uplifting wings, a globe, a flower, or a swaddled infant. All of these interpretations are relevant to Zaman, but the emotion it evokes is what makes the logo memorable. It is a symbol to represent Zaman’s brightest vision for the future — Hope for Humanity — in all its brilliant colors and forms.

An Uplifting Aesthetic

The brand include a series of icons and flowing graphic elements that add meaning and visual interest. Icons help to illustrate different aspects of Zaman’s mission and programs. Sweeping waves of color create a forward momentum, mimicking the trajectory of the oranization and those they serve.

Zoyes | Zaman International