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The Children's Center

Designed to Make a Difference

Brand + Form

Zoyes | The Children's Center

The Children’s Center is a Detroit-based charity dedicated to providing children and families with the tools necessary to shape their own futures. With a multitude of services, support systems, and programs available, The Children’s Center helps thousands of Detroit families every year.

Over the past few years, we have been given the opportunity to work alongside the organization in a marketing capacity, helping The Children's Center further its mission and expand its reach.

  • Print Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Digital Marketing

2017 Impact Report

Each year, The Children's Center publishes a report showcaseing the impact of the organization and its programs, celebrating the generosity of its donors, and sharing important stories from the children it helps.

For the 2017 edition of this report, we developed a visual theme based on one of the core tenets of their mission: breaking the patterns of abuse.

Zoyes | The Children's Center

Breaking the Pattern

To support this theme we developed a vivid graphic style featuring bold colors, familiar shapes, and dynamic patterns — juxtaposing bright, youthful visual elements with serious emotional content.

We created a series of custom illustrations based on photos of children who have been helped by the organization. Each illustration features a chaotic pattern obscuring the identity of the child it represents. As the report progresses, the patterns are stripped away — revealing the healthy, happy children underneath.

Zoyes | The Children's Center Zoyes | The Children's Center Zoyes | The Children's Center
Zoyes | The Children's Center Zoyes | The Children's Center
Zoyes | The Children's Center