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The Stott

A Meticulous Brand Restoration

Brand + Form

Zoyes | The Stott

The David Stott Building is an art deco masterpiece completed in 1928. With its distinctive sculptural details, masterful use of masonry and materials, and an unmistakable architectural silhouette, the design was fertile ground for its new residential branding as “The Stott.”

In collaboration with the developer, Bedrock Detroit, Zoyes drew on the Stott’s rich design character to create a new story that marries history with modernity.

  • Brand Development
  • Print Design
  • Web Design + Development

In the Details

Many of The Stott’s existing interior and exterior design details served as inspiration throughout the project. Masonry, tile, and other architectural elements informed layouts, patterns and other visuals throughout the brand, uniting the past with the present.

With its elevated design aesthetic, stylish residences, and modern amenities, The Stott delivers a sophisticated experience. We imbued collateral with that same aesthetic, expressing The Stott’s distinctive character through rich colors and visuals, inspired graphics, and modern design.

The Stott Online

Subtle references to both the sport of tennis and Art Deco design play a central role in the brand expressions for Centre Court. From court-clay green and boundary stripes, to the creation of an Art Deco-symbolic logo and wordmark, the brand serves up a distinctive and compelling aesthetic.

Zoyes | The Stott Zoyes | The Stott