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Siena Lake

Branding a Rocky Mountain Residence

Brand + Form

Zoyes |  Siena Lake

Siena Lake is a trailblazing residential development providing expertly crafted single family homes that honor the natural ruggedness of northwest Colorado's Rocky Mountain landscapes.

Inspired by the visual language of the mountains, Zoyes developed a brand that beautifully blends architecture, lifestyle, and the natural environment.

  • Research + Discovery
  • Brand Development
  • Web Design
  • Print Design
Zoyes |  Siena Lake

Branding in the Wild

The Siena Lake logo boldly expresses the brand's personality through the use of custom letterforms inspired by the peaks and valleys of the local landscape. Pairing the logo with a warm color palette and textural references to nature, the Siena Lake brand offers a contemporary take on mountain living.

Visualizing Siena Lake

Zoyes worked closely with the developer, the architecture team, and the interior designer to create a design system that appropriately conveys the style, quality, and atmosphere of the property. With these visualizations as the centerpiece of our initial marketing effort, we moved the brand forward with a variety of digital and physical touchpoints.

Zoyes |  Siena Lake