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Ruth Ellis Center

Modernizing an Inspirational Legacy

Brand + Form

Zoyes | Ruth Ellis Center

As a nationally-recognized, multi-faceted organization, Ruth Ellis Center is dedicated to supporting LGBTQ+ young people. With its growing range of youth-driven programs and services, Ruth Ellis Center offers a positive and innovative approach that creates a supportive and restorative impact within its community.

Research and discovery paved the foundation of our process and inspired our overall brand stategy. These findings drove the decisions we made in creating a modern and equitable vision for the future of Ruth Ellis Center.

  • Research & Discovery
  • Brand Development
  • Web Design + Development
  • Print Design

A Natural Progression

As a natural progression of the previous mark, the Ruth Ellis Center logo pays homage to the brand’s rich legacy. The open edges of the abstract house represent opportunity for growth and expansion, while also symbolizing shelter from above, and support from below.

In addition, a systemic approach is used to for the REC programs, creating a cohesive solution and fluid way to express each entity.

Zoyes | Ruth Ellis Center

An Energetic Palette

Color is an important visual asset of the Ruth Ellis Center brand. The unexpected combination of warm and cool colors as well as solids and gradients, help bring an up-lifting energy to each piece of collateral.

Zoyes | Ruth Ellis Center Zoyes | Ruth Ellis Center Zoyes | Ruth Ellis Center