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QLINE Detroit

Reimagining Detroit’s Public Transit

Brand + Form

Zoyes | QLINE Detroit

The story of the QLINE has only just begun, and it is Detroit’s to tell. With a plan to re-launch, the QLINE narrowed focus on becoming the city’s most convenient and enjoyable way to experience everything the Woodward Corridor has to offer. With many standards for successful public transit, the QLINE and its brand aim to surpass the usual markers and create an authentic, new story for its riders.

Rooted in research and discovery, our evolution process refined the brand’s focus, positioning it as a reliable and inclusive experience. With accessibility as a key component to the QLINE’s success, it was important for the communication and visual language to reach and connect with a broad range of riders, needs, and perceptions.

  • Research & Discovery
  • Brand Evolution
  • Web Design + Development

Every Stop
Is a Start

Zoyes | QLINE Detroit

Rooted in Simplicity

To compliment the existing and reputable logo, modern and clean typography and friendly photography create a combined aesthetic that connects and unites. Expanding from the original brand palette, additional primary hues symbolize inclusivity and create a visual language everyone can access.

Zoyes | QLINE Detroit Zoyes | QLINE Detroit
Zoyes | QLINE Detroit Zoyes | QLINE Detroit Zoyes | QLINE Detroit

Creating a Connection

Inspired by the surface dynamics of our streets and the QLINE tracks, linear graphics mix with grid-based layouts, symbolizing organized and efficient operation.

Messaging aims to connect the idea of accessibility and convenience with the tagline “Every Stop is A Start,” positioning the QLINE experience as welcoming and inspiring. No matter the need, desire, or place a rider is traveling within the Woodward Corridor, the QLINE offers a safe and reliable trip.

Zoyes | QLINE Detroit Zoyes | QLINE Detroit
Zoyes | QLINE Detroit Zoyes | QLINE Detroit