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Olympia Development

Miniature Detail, Maximum Impact

Brand + Form

Zoyes | Olympia

The District Detroit is a transformative sports and entertainment district connecting the city’s Downtown and Midtown neighborhoods. Olympia Development approached Zoyes to create a series of architectural models that would serve as the centerpiece of their new presentation center.

Each display serves as the focal point of a distinctive sales experience: a large model of the city of Detroit contextualizing the development’s location and scope; a scale model of the new Little Caesar’s Arena; and a pair of highly detailed models focused on the streetscapes and retail opportunities available in The District Detroit.

  • Architectural Models

Bringing the District to Life

In addition to directing the scale, style, and production of four separate 3D printed models, Zoyes teamed with experiential marketing agency Bluewater Technologies on a suite of projection mapped visuals that brought a new level of excitement and engagement to the presentation center.

This dynamic digital content helped bring the models to life, providing visitors with a uniquely immersive sales experience— complete with 20,000 (tiny) cheering fans.

Zoyes | Olympia Zoyes | Olympiav

The results speak for themselves. These models captured the public imagination in a way that exceeded all expectations.

Jess Greene Street-Works Development

Taking a Closer Look

In addition to the larger projection-mapped white models, Zoyes designed and built a pair of highly detailed full-color models meant to provide a more focused look at The District Detroit’s vibrant streetscapes.

Each of these models feature a variety of retailers, restaurants, and entertainment options complete with intricate facade treatments, manicured landscaping, and custom lighting installations.