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North Branch

Modern Amenities & Natural Appeal

Brand + Form

Zoyes | North Branch

Situated on more than an acre of active park space on Chicago’s Goose Island, North Branch provides a fresh, riverside work environment at the convergence of the city’s most bustling neighborhoods.

As a disruptor in the Chicago area, the building takes a bold first step as a catalyst in this emerging neighborhood. Inspired by the unique Goose Island location, Zoyes created a suite of brand assets that confidently express the North Branch vision.

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  • Brand Development
  • Web Design + Development
  • Identity

Intentional Details

Topographic linework highlights the building’s unique, nature-adjacent location & geography. Inspired by movement, details found in nature, and the geographic shape of the island, the North Branch linework is intended to create visual texture that connects with the brand’s outdoor attributes in an abstract yet recognizable way.

The graphic also visually communicates the idea of the “ripple effect” that North Branch will create as a trailblazer on Goose Island.

Zoyes | North Branch Zoyes | North Branch Zoyes | North Branch

Duality of Elements

Inspired by the building’s greenspace and riverside location, the North Branch palette evokes a strong sense of nature with a modern accent through the strategic use of black.

The intentional combination of classic elements and contemporary appeal give the brand a unique feeling of duality and authenticity — intentionally highlighting the development’s state-of-the-art amenities within a historic Chicago building.

Zoyes | North Branch
Zoyes | North Branch Zoyes | North Branch