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Locker Room Consulting

New Fields of Endeavor

Brand + Form

Zoyes | Locker Room Consulting

Locker Room Consulting was founded by a group of elite professional athletes motivated by a common mission: helping athletes make healthy and rewarding transitions to life after professional sports.

LRC Founders Calvin Johnson, Rob Sims, and Jason Strayhorn engaged Zoyes to help develop this new brand from the ground up. Inspired by the bold visual vernacular of athletics, we created a brand that exemplifies the hard-working spirit necessary for their success on and off the field.

  • Brand Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Environmental Design
  • Web Design + Development

Entering a New Arena

We began by working to develop the narrative behind their new consultancy. LRC believes that elites athletes, men and women who have achieved incredible success in the highly competitive world of professional sports, are already equipped with the tools to succeed in the world of business. This idea became a core tenet of the new brand: New Game, New Rules, Same Hustle.

Zoyes | Locker Room Consulting Zoyes | Locker Room Consulting

From Field to Foundation

Once we had a handle of the ethos of the brand, we began developing the creative to support it. Within this visual framework we produced a variety of printed materials – including a lux identity suide, propsectus ‘playbook,’ and environmental signage for their new office — as well as designing and building a bold, narrative-driven website that reflects Locker Room Consulting’s uniquely authentic perspective.

We engaged with photographer Amy Sacka to create an archive of imagery documenting the broad and varied skillset of the LRC team in numerous aspects of their business: from black-tie galas and boardroom meetings to the golf course and the football field.

Zoyes | Locker Room Consulting Zoyes | Locker Room Consulting