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An Investment in Evolution

Brand + Form

Zoyes | Hillside

Hillside is a full-service real estate company that specializes in acquiring, developing, and managing commercial properties throughout the Midwest. With a focus on transparency, dedication, and professionalism, Hillside boasts an uparalleled ability to facilitate and capitalize on innovative investment opportunities.

This brand evolution positions Hillside as a trusted and experienced industry leader, exemplifying the expertise of their leadership team and the firm’s integrated capabilities across all facets of commercial real estate.

  • Brand Development
  • Web Design + Development
  • Print Design
Zoyes | Hillside

Investment Beyond Expectation

The Hillside leadership team was looking to update and reinvigorate their brand in a way that would reflect their current position as a progressive industry leader, while retaining their history and the reputation that has allowed the company to grow and evolve. To that end, we created a logo that speaks simultaneously to their past and their future – powerful, chiseled serifs provide an air of authority and expertise, while the clean angularity of the single-stroke “hill” icon reflects their innovative, integrated approach to investment.

Zoyes | Hillside Zoyes | Hillside

Bringing the Brand to Life

We worked with the client to express their new brand through a variety of physical and digital touchpoints. The primary objectives at this stage were to create a clear expression of their company culture and document their growing portfolio of properties. In support of these goals, we worked with photographer John D’Angelo to help capture the appropriate imagery across a variety of shoots and locations.

Zoyes | Hillside Zoyes | Hillside
John D’Angelo