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COR Wellness Center

A Dynamic Environment for Mind and Body

Brand + Form

Zoyes | COR Wellness Center

COR Wellness Center unites community, well-being, and fun with innovative fitness programming and a dynamic activity space to create an inclusive experience for all.

The COR brand evokes an environment that invigorates and empowers its community, referencing the primary building blocks of the body's physiological strength, the gym's central location, and the idea of an engaging and accessible centerpoint in your life's routine.

  • Brand Development
  • Web Design + Development
  • Environmental Design
  • Wayfinding + Signage Design
  • Production + Install
Zoyes | COR Wellness Center

Engaging. Inspiring. Empowering.

The gym’s environmental design uses large-scale patterns and branded wayfinding to create dynamic solutions, and an overall energized and balanced ambiance. The logo, graphic assets, and typography are strategically combined to bring the brand to life through various touchpoints, including environmental spaces, marketing collateral, social media, apparel and fitness gear.

Zoyes | COR Wellness Center

All Things to All People

The COR brand is motivating and energetic, positive and uplifting, and most importantly, inclusive. The act of learning, sharing, and achieving – personally or with others – within this dynamic atmosphere cultivates a vibrant harmony and promotes well-being for all.

Zoyes | COR Wellness Center Zoyes | COR Wellness Center Zoyes | COR Wellness Center
Zoyes | COR Wellness Center