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City Modern

Branding an Urban Neighborhood

Brand + Form

Zoyes | City  Modern

City Modern is an 8.5 acre, residential development combining modern architecture, multiple residence types, with green and commercial spaces in the heart of Detroit’s historic Brush Park neighborhood.

Zoyes Creative worked closely with Bedrock Detroit (the principal developer), the Brush Park community, and each of the project’s five architecture firms to form a brand that would express the singular vision, impact, and sophistication of this ground-breaking development.

  • Brand Development
  • Web Design + Development
  • Print Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Architectural Models

Considering the historic and cultural significance of the Brush Park neighborhood, as well as its scale and existing community, it was clear this project would require an especially thoughtful approach. To gain perspective, Zoyes conducted extensive branding discovery and development with stakeholders.

The brand strategy was two-fold: express a new identity capable of both integrating with and showing respect for the existing neighborhood, while celebrating the modern architecture and urban lifestyle that would become a central part of City Modern and Brush Park at large.

Zoyes | City  Modern
Zoyes | City  Modern Zoyes | City  Modern Zoyes | City  Modern Zoyes | City  Modern Zoyes | City  Modern

Print + Digital

The expansive scale of the development was intently translated to design deliverables. Print and digital sales collateral express the aesthetics, attributes, and innovations of 5 distinctive residential typologies, all while building a positive connection between City Modern and its future residents and Brush Park neighbors.

Zoyes | City  Modern Zoyes | City  Modern Zoyes | City  Modern
Zoyes | City  Modern

Sales Center Design

Situated on-site in Brush Park, the City Modern Sales Center incorporates an impactful sales path featuring a complete architectural model of the development, typology and amenity displays, digital unit-configurator stations, a materials library, and more. In concert, these elements drove unit pre-sales at an impressive rate.

The new and historic building designs celebrate the past, as well as look toward the future.

Melissa Dittmer Chief Design Officer, Bedrock Detroit