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Full-Spectrum Wayfinding

Brand + Form

Zoyes | Chroma

Chroma is a multi-dimensional creative hub in Detroit’s Milwaukee Junction neighborhood. Zoyes worked with developer The Platform to design a signage and wayfinding package that would reflect the vibrant dynamism of the Chroma brand while complementing the building’s raw physical spaces.

Utilizing bold color and playful graphic elements throughout, the Zoyes team designed, produced, and installed a comprehensive suite of signage and wayfinding that reflects Chroma’s innovative blend of collaboration and community.

  • Environmental Design
  • Wayfinding + Signage Design
  • Production + Install
John D’Angelo

An Artistic Reflection

A reverence for culture and creativity are at the heart of Chroma’s identity. Adorned with a massive mural, “Girl with the D Earring” by Detroit artist Sydney G. James, Chroma expresses its artistic identity both inside and out. To that end, stairwell numbering was hand-painted by artist and sign painter Kelly Golden and is color-coded per floor based on the brand’s dynamic color palette.

Zoyes | Chroma

Inspired Iconography.

Drawing from the existing Chroma identity, Zoyes created a series of custom icons built on the dot matrix pattern featured prominently throughout the brand. This distinctive icon set was used for wayfinding and systems signage throughout the building.

Zoyes | Chroma
Zoyes | Chroma Zoyes | Chroma