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Wayfinding with Form and Function

Brand + Form

Zoyes | The Boulevard

Situated in Detroit’s New Center neighborhood, The Boulevard is a ground-up, transit-oriented, mixed-use development built and managed by The Platform. We designed a series of signage and wayfinding elements that merge the art-deco styling of the brand with the development’s modern interiors.

These signage and wayfinding elements incorporate intersecting geometric linework that plays off of the transit theme. Color and dimension are used throughout as tools to draw attention to certain information and to help residents move through the building. A close collaboration between our Brand and Form teams, we delivered a finished product that is thoughtfully designed, meticulously produced, and expertly installed.

  • Environmental Design
  • Wayfinding Design
  • Production + Installation
Zoyes | The Boulevard

A Bold Approach

The crimson hue assigned to the brand is used here as an attention-grabbing beacon throughout the parking garage and building corridors. Critical wayfinding points are marked with floor-to-ceiling red paint, which serves as an effective counterpoint to the otherwise neutral palette of the interior. The boldness of the color allowed us to maintain the delicate lines of the brand in both graphics and typography.

Extensions of the Brand

A series of custom graphics were designed for The Boulevard wayfinding. The linear look of the logo is replicated in the icon set, adding a degree of sophistication to the wayfinding that reflects the personality of the brand and the interiors.

Zoyes | The Boulevard

Considering Every Angle

Floor layout and angle of approach were carefully considered for each sign. Dimensionality is frequently used as an asset—partly to improve function but also to create interest and add a heightened aesthetic to space as a whole.