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A City on the Rise, on the Go

Brand + Form

Zoyes | Bedrock ICSC Model

With a growing real estate portfolio in Detroit and an ever-expanding national profile, Bedrock was in need of a mobile solution that would tell their unique story on the road while maintaining the highly polished level of fit and finish that is synonymous with their brand.

To that end, Zoyes was commissioned to design and build a 30 square foot architectural model of Detroit’s Central Business District. Featuring augmented and virtual reality technologies (AR/VR), this model serves as the interactive centerpiece of Bedrock’s travelling convention display.

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Showcasing the Future of Detroit

This 3D printed model serves as the mobile extension of a larger experiential display permanently housed within Bedrock’s Detroit headquarters. Featuring 360 buildings, 100 of which are highlighted by an AR presentation denoting Bedrock ownership, management, and programming, the model helps visualize their commitment to the future of Detroit.

Zoyes | Bedrock ICSC Model Zoyes | Bedrock ICSC Model

Covering 1.5 square miles of the Central Business District, the model features public transit networks, Bedrock’s residential and commercial properties, sports, entertainment, and hospitality attractions, and numerous city parks. Each building was modelled using satellite imagery and terrestrial reference photography.