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A Furniture-First Brand Evolution

Brand + Form

Zoyes | Airea

With an emphasis on creating synergies between people and their surroundings, AIREA aims to create inspiring workplace environments through a unique, furniture first approach.

In an effort to evolve the existing AIREA brand, Zoyes focused on creating a conceptual narrative that serves as inspiration for the new voice and art direction. The combination of hand-painted graphics, fresh colors and typography, and updated studio photography aims to seamlessly complement the existing AIREA logo.

  • Research & Discovery
  • Brand Evolution
  • Web Design + Development
Zoyes | Airea

Connecting Form & Function

With a commitment to connecting form and function, the AIREA brand visually expresses the idea that furniture is a key factor in successful workplace environments. It creates a space to energize, collaborate, and relax.

The combination of stark studio shots and stylized typography aims to emphasize the importance of this approach in an editorial way. Pairing these layouts with environmental photography creates a visual narrative of the AIREA mission and vision.

Zoyes | Airea

A Fresh Take on a Classic Palette

The modernization of the AIREA brand required an updated palette to compliment their portfolio and product photography. Rich navy tones and copper accents provide a classically fresh palette for the web design and branded collateral.

As an additional expression of color, hand-painted graphics work to compliment photography and typographic layouts. The combination of overlapping colors and organic shapes represents variety, collaboration, and the beauty of process expressed through AIREA’s culture.

Zoyes | Airea Zoyes | Airea Zoyes | Airea